Naturally actual pigeons can recognize his house with the smell of animal feces, for pigeons did not escape or comfortable to live in his house animals. we must make the animal house large enough pigeons to pigeons in the berries to eat and drink enough or do not buy a pigeon in person near her home with us because pigeons can return back to his old employer.

Actually there are many ways that can be done for the animal house pigeons we know them are as follows:

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1. Cricket and Pandan Leaves
Jik at the field / garden lot of rats, then the guard crickets by entering into the bamboo. The sound was deafening crickets to rats at a time away.


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1. Cage size not too small, so they can provide enough space, and look clean.


When the cattle were given feed that does not meet both the quality and quantity standards, there will be a decline in production. Therefore, the ability to select high-quality feed is absolutely owned. Fodder plays a very important role in world farming. Seen in terms of cost, fodder ranked the highest, ie 70% of the total production cost. See the guide to choose the correct feed below.


Pesticides literally means killer pest. No. According to the government. 1973, the pesticide is any chemical substance or substances Other and micro-organisms and viruses used for: control or prevent pests or diseases that destroyed plants, parts of plants or agricultural products; controlling weeds regulate and stimulate the desired growth no control or prevent foreign pests on pets or livestock. control water pests control or prevent the animals that can cause disease in humans and animals that need to be protected, with use in plants, soil and water.


In an effort to develop crops, seed crops can be grown there directly on agricultural lands that have been provided, as well as seeds, plant corn, beans and so forth. At the time the seed is not readily available like now, there are three prevalence of farmers in obtaining seeds of plants that would be developed. Especially for those who live in areas far enough from the urban areas, and the activities of the Department of Agriculture through its PPL-PPL has not been as active as now. The way farmers acquire seed crops are as follows:


Anthurium flower care tips/ Cara perawatan bunga anhurium

Watering done 2x a day if the weather is hot or depending on the media using the earnings, if still wet then watering done just once a day even 2 days sekali.PupukPemupukan performed routinely using a balanced NPK (16-16-16) with a dose of 2 grams per liter of water (1 / 2 teaspoons), fertilizer dissolved in water and pour ketanaman (not on leaves) every 2 weeks. For one liter of water can be for 4-5 plants depending on the

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